Friday, July 31, 2009

Washington Apples

Visiting my sister Evelyn who lives in the Seattle area was a really great excuse to ride across the USA from corner to corner. Evelyn is the oldest of 5 sisters and we are close in age so as children we always hung out together. Even though we moved as far apart as we could without leaving the continental United States, we have still remained very close through the years.

Evelyn and Jeff have had a very difficult past two years. Both parents on Jeff’s side recently passed after long battles with cancer. His mother passed a little over a year ago and his father passed just one day before I arrived. Jeff and Evelyn provided intensive care all the way through his Mother Pennie's illness and after she passed his father Jim, who was recently diagnosed himself moved in with them. During the last part of his illness he required intensive care that Evelyn and Jeff again provided without question, and Jim was truly grateful.

My family is fantastic and Evelyn and Jeff are just 2 more examples of “good apples” that just happened to fall a bit farther from the tree. Not so far that I couldn’t visit by bicycle though.

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