Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Friend in Sandpoint

Let me introduce my Spokes to Paula Lund. I met Paula on, but I suspect if I hadn’t contacted her first, she would have chased me down and offered a place to stay as she does so many other bicycle tourists. I really enjoyed my stay with Paula and her pets (kids were at Yellowstone with Dad), she was a very gracious host and a fun person too. Who else would have me out on the side of a mountain way past sunset picking huckleberries for the first time in my life? Mother Nature shines on Paula’s yard with food of all kinds growing in her garden and orchard. I enjoyed picking raspberries and cherries and grazing on snow peas and other delights. Circumstances allowed me only hours notice before my arrival – yet I felt like I had known Paula for years. I suspect I will keep in touch with her long after my trip is completed and I’m sure Paula’s adventurous personality will bring her to my home in South Florida one day soon.

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