Sunday, September 14, 2008

This week I've decided I will do this ride in 2009. It is time.

At this writing I plan to begin my adventure at the beginning of May 2009. I have a lot of planning to do, equipment to gather and arrangements to be made. As of this writing, I am committed to doing my cross country ride from my house in Fort Lauderdale, FL to my sisters house in the Seattle, WA area with a visit on the way to my family in South Dakota. This will be a solo tour with mostly camping along the way. I have joined the Adventure Cycling Association to help in my preparations and the journey itself. I'm very excited to finally getting the wheel rolling!

Stay tuned for progress updates before and during the ride. I will likely have to quit my job, at least temporarily, as this will take around 4 months to complete. Any suggestions for a new career will be considered! :)