Friday, March 20, 2009

Meet Larry the Long Haul Trucker!

I know it may be a little silly but I name all my stuff. I call my house La Casa de Tropical, my car is named Rex and now I'd like to introduce the new bike I will use for this adventure. His name is Larry and he is a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Lets take a look.....

Note: In the video, Larry is wearing Lone Peak brand panniers purchased from

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Good Fortune

My fortune cookie today said:

"Your present plans are going to succeed."

I'm not even going to open up the 2nd cookie. :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

All A-Twitter

If you would like to get text message or online updates on my adventure, you can follow me on Twitter! I'll be sending out a message once a day (or whenever I can based on cell service) with my location or special event. I'll also let you know when I post a new video on this blog. I promise not to overdo it with the messages. A lot of folks are worried about me being out in the world all by myself - I think Twitter will be a great way to put them more at ease. Plus, its a great way to join me on my journey wherever you may be.

Help for Haiti

Lots of folks do distance rides for a particular cause, and in fact I was in the Florida AIDS ride back in 97 from Orlando to Miami. and raised over $1000.00. I'm doing this new ride for no particular reason except the pure adventure of it. But I do have a charity that I would like to mention and I hope you might support. The crisis in Haiti is real and many people are literally starving to death. This island has been hit by disaster after disaster - some natural and some political. Many people live in poverty and there is massive corruption by those that have money or political power. The island has endured several major hurricanes in recent years wiping away what few possessions the poor people had. Trees, a priceless natural resource, have been completely destroyed in many areas causing terrible mudslides during the summer rainy season . Haiti is in dire need - and you can help. Please give to Food for The Poor - a trusted organization recommended by Haitian friends of mine. They provide food, shelter, and even trees to Haiti and other destitute nations. If my ride can somehow help the people of Haiti, it would be a double blessing.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Google Map!

I did a new, more detailed map on Google Maps that shows the exact trail I intend to do (which I can update if needed). It may take just a bit to load and looks a bit messy until you zoom in a bit. I put a link to this map in the sidebar for quick reference. I'm still in the process of putting in the town names and should have that done in the next day or so.

I learned that I will be forced to resign my job for this trip and hopefully they will hire me back when I return. Therefore I will be on a very tight budget during this adventure. If you happen to live on this route, or know someone who does - I would be most grateful for a place to pitch my tent and a warm shower. If you can help, please send me a note - and thank you in advance!

Email me here