Friday, March 06, 2009

Help for Haiti

Lots of folks do distance rides for a particular cause, and in fact I was in the Florida AIDS ride back in 97 from Orlando to Miami. and raised over $1000.00. I'm doing this new ride for no particular reason except the pure adventure of it. But I do have a charity that I would like to mention and I hope you might support. The crisis in Haiti is real and many people are literally starving to death. This island has been hit by disaster after disaster - some natural and some political. Many people live in poverty and there is massive corruption by those that have money or political power. The island has endured several major hurricanes in recent years wiping away what few possessions the poor people had. Trees, a priceless natural resource, have been completely destroyed in many areas causing terrible mudslides during the summer rainy season . Haiti is in dire need - and you can help. Please give to Food for The Poor - a trusted organization recommended by Haitian friends of mine. They provide food, shelter, and even trees to Haiti and other destitute nations. If my ride can somehow help the people of Haiti, it would be a double blessing.

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