Friday, July 10, 2009

Despite a few periods of unpleasant weather including hail storms and some morning temps in the 30s (brrrrr!!!), western Wyoming and the first part of Montana turned out to be amazing. There was so much scenery I made two videos. The second one has a bit of Montana video and then the pictures of the week. It was amazing.

Here is video #1

Don't miss video #2

Bonus! another unedited video of a traumatic trip through a narrow tunnel I wasn't expecting outside Cody, WY. When I saw the tunnel approaching I quickly mounted the "Larry Cam" and I didn't do too good of a job. The camera is mostly showing the ceiling of the tunnel but I wanted to post it anyway for my my own memories. It may not be dramatic to you but I was shaking when I got out - there was no shoulder, it was dark - despite the lights - and I was worried one of those huge bus type campers was going to go through at the same time. It was also slightly uphill. I made it through and I was thankful.

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