Friday, July 31, 2009

Twitter Updates - Month Three

For those not following on Twitter, here are the last month's updates. Read bottom-up to get proper sequence.

Hills, heat & heavy traffic as I rode the last 68 miles to my sister's place in Edmonds, WA. I MADE IT!!!! from txt

New video posted on blog from txt

Rode 44 mi to planned dest. Sedro-Woolley, WA which is over 50 mi North of my sisters house. Oops! LOL Nice hot weather. Camping. from txt

Thankful for perfect weather to cross my last big mtn pass and into the most beautiful scenery you can imagine. Camping Marblemount, WA 80 m from txt

Weather cleared as I crossed 2nd of 4 Mtn passes then got up to 97 then threatening clouds but not much rain. Camping in Okanogan, WA 74 mi from txt

20 miles slowly up (3 hrs) to Sherman Pass then 20 miles down in 20 min - first of 4 big Mtns this week. Camping in Republic WA rain now. from txt

Rebooted Odo & it is working again. Rode over small Mtn Pass & continued on for 77 mi with temps over 100. Camping Kettel Falls, WA from txt

Odometer totally not working but maps show I rode 59 mi from Sandpoint, ID to Usk Washington (woo-hoo-hoo!). Nice warm (hot?) day & scenic. from txt

New videos posted on blog from txt

Rode 25 mi to Sandpoint, ID & got to see Harry Potter movie. Staying with warmshowers host & taking a rest day tomorrow. from txt

I am in Pacific time zone now. Daily updates may be slightly later. from txt

Found I can sleep through party animals just not wild animals. Nice day nearly 100 deg. Rode 85 miles to Clark Fork, Idaho (woo-hoo!) campin from txt

After no sleep last night (bear activity) I stopped a bit early in Plains, MT 50mi. Camping free at fairgrounds w/shower & elec. :) from txt

Stopped @ Adventure Cycling in Missoula for pic & free icecream then rode on to Superior, MT in nice warm 90s. 72 miles camping from txt

Passed 4000 mi. on way to Missoula. MT. camping just south in Lolo as it is cheaper. Nice warm day. 54 mi. Harry Potter will have to wait. from txt

After rain delay yesterday, left Jackson Hot Springs, over pass & out of Big Hole Valley then on to warmer Darby, MT. Camping 75 mi. from txt

7/12 climbed over 2 mountain passes & into Jackson, MT camping $10 w/use of hot springs. New Timers Fest & free food!!! 51m - no cell srv. from txt

Strong storms and big wind continue from yesterday afternoon. Was planning a rest day in Missoula but decided to take it here in Jackson, MT from web

No cell srv. here in Jackson, MT - today's message will be delayed until I get into service area. Camping behind hot spring lodge free food! from web

Very nice day for planned short ride to Dillon, MT & camping. Meeting a lot of other bikers. Tomorrow up again with cell srv not likley. 28m from txt

New videos posted on blog - from txt

Nice warmer day - climbed to over 7000 ft then down and continued to Twin Bridges, MT. Camping in free camp for bicyclists 56 miles from txt

Morning temps in 30s last 3 days & storms with hail I managed to avoid. Rode 74 miles to Cameron, Montanna (woo-hoo!). Camping from txt

7/8 expected to leave park today but bad weather didn't allow. 28 miles in strong gusty wind. Camping at Madison in Yellowstone. No cell srv from txt

A good climb to 8400 ft & a long day of dodging RVs but very scenic. Camping in Yellowstone at Canyon Village. 44miles from txt

Rode 50 m to east ent. of Yellowstone - 27 m uphil to next campground, camping not allowed (bears), staying in cabin out of budget see blog from web

Great weather for 59 miles of very desolate plains between Greybull & Cody, WY camping at nice campground in Cody. from txt

New weekly video posted on blog from txt

Left the top of Big Horn Mtns. & 20 mi down in a much nicer day. Continued on to Greybull, WY where I'll enjoy the rest of the 4th. 46 mi. from txt

20 mi up & then 2 mi down in cold pouring rain & thunder before I stopped at a church camp that welcome me in - still raining - staying here from web

Mix bag of weather today but not terrible. Rode 62 mi & camping at foot of Bighorn Mountains in Dayton, WY. Tomorrow . . . . Up from txt

Sprinkles as I left the comfortable home of Doris & Buzz then good riding weather for 71 desolate miles to Clearmont, WY. Camping city park from txt

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