Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Month On Twitter

If you haven't been following my daily twitter posts, here is the first month and first 2000 miles. You will need to scroll down to the bottom and read up to get them in the proper order.

Threat of rain all day but none while on the trail. Stopped for 2 more tubes, lunch & haircut in Jefferson City. Camping Huntsdale, MO 50 mi from txt
Late start & early stop due to rain. Leisurly 34 miles on the Katy trail. Staying at a quirky bicycle dorm type place $5 in Tebbetts, MO from txt
Rested & well fed, Rodney & Gerald delivered me safely to the Katy Trail were I enjoyed 51 relaxing miles. Camping in charming Herman, MO from txt
Nice warm day & mostly flat roads. Crossed the Mississippi River into Missouri & staying with lauderdale snow bird friends in St. Louis. 79m from txt
Good weather & mostly flat until the end of day then some steep climbs @ Chester, IL - laundry then camping just north of there - 87 miles from txt
Another nice day - roads are MUCH more flat. In Paducah, KY got 2 new tubes & Taco Johns! Camping at Horseshoe Lake, Illinois. :) 70 miles from txt
A fine day biking through Land Between the Lakes Natl. Rec area. Camping in Calvert City Kentucky! 55 miles from txt
Nice day despite another flat & late start. Met 5 bikers & rode with them a while. Camp S. Entrance LBL Rec area TN 53 miles. New Video blog from txt
Hard start - cold (low 50), cloudy & strong headwind & no ambition. Set 2 goals & stopped at 1st - Perryville, TN 55 miles. Low tonight 44 from txt
Some good climbs today. Had to stop for a storm once and chasing dogs MANY times. Camping at planned dest. Shiloh, Tennessee! 80 miles from txt
I got a well rested early start with mostly flat roads & good weather. 89 miles clicked away smoothly to planned campground in Fulton, MS from txt
Late start - storms all night - nice short ride to Columbus - Miss. (woo-hoo!) 47 mi. Rest tomorrow in hotel thanks to co-workers gift card from txt
Cooler day, less hills & some nice scenery - good biking day. Camping riverside again in Cochrane, AL - very nice. 82 miles from txt
Nothing free anymore - dude just came & charged me $8.37 - still not bad. from txt
Camping at small state park 5 miles off route near Linden, AL (free!). More ups & downs but getting smoother. Maybe more rain tonight. 65 ml from txt
More ups & downs but towns with services are getting farther apart. Beautiful campground at planned dest. Coffeeville, AL 49 miles from txt
New video posted week two on my blog bikedenbec.blogspot.com from txt
All up/down hill with some good climbs and zero wind (hot!) Twice w flat tire - story on blog.. Camping city park Grove Hill, AL 78miles from txt
First 1000 miles(woo-hoo!) First real tail wind (zoom!) first flat tire (boo!) camping at planned dest. Stockton, AL 66 miles from txt
Headwinds & more hills / bridges than expected. Camping at planned destination Gulf Shores Alabama! 51 miles. from txt
Great dinner & staying with new friends in Pace, FL. Cross winds & nice weather - 2 flooded roads & 2 nice rangers to help across. 90 m ... from txt
Nice riding day - cloudy, not too hot, avoided a few rain showers. Camping at planned destination Ponce de Leon, FL 77 miles from txt
Planned a short day - threatening weather made it shorter. Camping (free!) in Sneads, FL just west of Chattahoochee. 45 miles from txt
Just west of Tallahassee, FL BTW from txt
Hills & headwinds again. Pushed myself to a campground that wasn't there. Howard Johnsons tonight - over budget. 100 miles. from txt
Camping near Madison, FL small rolling hills & slight headwind. Still did 92 miles. Hard time finding campground kept me going. from txt
I just posted a new video on week 1 www.bikedenbec.blogspot.com from txt
Staying at a friend of a friends place in High Springs FL. Perfect biking day! 90 miles. Rest day tomorrow staying at same place. from txt
Camping Palakta. FL ($10!) Spent a little time touring (lost?) in St. Augustine. Quiet scenic country roads. 75 miles from txt
Camping about 20 miles S. of St. Augustine, FL nice biking day and fantastic evening. 91 miles. :) from txt
Camping tonight in a cute little capground near Titusville, FL Too comfortable at Terrys place & got a late start. 58 miles. from txt
Arrived safe & sound & sore just north of Verro Beach, FL staying with a very generous host Terry. 105 miles! from txt
Day one - Just arrived safely at Jeff & Michaels in Lake Worth, FL Nice day for biking - 40 miles from txt

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