Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flats & Rumble Strips

As I mentioned in the last video, I had a flat tire yesterday (rear of course) and I patched it with a self stick patch because the spare tubes I got from the bike shop were a different size (thick), which really upset me. I rode over 40 miles to complete the day yesterday & when I woke up it was still good. So I loaded up the bike and was ready to head out - now it is flat again. I unload, repatch and got going much later than expected.

About 40 miles into my ride with many up and downs with 90 degree temps - flat again. So by roadside I decide to try the new tube and thankfully it works.

Now I am way behind schedule but still enjoying the day except that Alabama really wants to keep their drunk drivers on the road because every road today had serious rumble strips on the entire shoulder. I'm still vibrating.

I rolled into my planned destination of Grove Hill, AL right at sunset and my map said I needed permission from the Police to camp in the City Park so I called & of course voicemail. I stopped an older couple by the Cemetary & asked where the park was & they told me. The man asked about my trip & and was impressed with my goal & progress. As Mayor of the city, he granted me permission to camp. :)

I used every bit of the day's light to get my tent up. I'll sleep good tonight.


Scott Zacher said...

wow, what a day! So did the mayor look anything like the mayor of Eagle Butte??

denbec said...

Don't they all? :)