Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Four States in Week 4

I started week 4 just having entered Tennessee and throughout the week I also peddled through parts of Kentucky, Illinois and finally entering Missouri on Saturday afternoon. Most of the roads did not have “Welcome to” signs but I did get a few by looking back as I entered the next state. I still didn’t get a good one for Kentucky or Missouri, which is surprising as I may have illegally rode over the I-255 bridge from Illinois into Missouri and you would think they would have had a sign on that major road. But, rest assured I am in Missouri as I write this.

I had a lot of video footage this week so I decided to put the pictures directly into the blog instead of including them in the video review. I think it might actually be better that way. Once again there were a lot of wonderful things to see so I’ll just post some of my favorites.

It looks like I may not make it all the way to Pierre, SD in time for my family reunion on June 6th, but I should be able to get to Lincoln, NE where my sister Karen lives and ride to the reunion with her and her girls. Then I’ll ride back to NE and continue my journey from there. I still plan to spend some time in South Dakota visiting family and helping take care of Mom for a while, who is doing better by the way. She is currently out of the hospital and staying with my sister Sharon during her recovery. My sister Ann is also close by and continues to help as well.

I apologize for the delay on these videos but they require electricity and wi-fi to produce and post which have been lacking in the campgrounds. I’ll always post them at my first opportunity. And now here is week 4 in review.

Nice spot where me and the other bikers had a picnic lunch.

A camel in Tennessee? Maybe they use it for those cigarette ads.
A chilly day in Tennessee. I rode state road 69 in three different states.

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area

A rest stop in LBL Rec Area

Unusual amount of cemetaries at LBL Rec Area

Amazing sunset at Horseshoe Lake, IL

Chester, IL - home of Popeye!

Campground just north of Chester, IL
Quaint church at Nunert, IL I wonder if they had wi-fi?

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baker0195 said...

Very Cool Dennis!

I stopped by the Turner Katy Trail Shelter tuesday evening to cook dinner while I was biking home from Columbia and saw you're entry in the log book. I'm also pretty sure I saw you on the trail:P

I Look forward to hearing more about your trip!

On month from today I leave for D.C.! (www.trektoreenergize.org)