Monday, May 18, 2009

Faith Keeps Me Rolling

Week 3 was marked by many churches and storms and of course lots of fantastic scenery. Mom had her surgery and is in a lengthy recovery but doing better - she is always on my mind. All this week I've been camping along the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway - a man made canal by the Corps of Engineers with some very nice campgrounds. There has been lot of rain here lately so the rivers are running very high and campfires are hard to start. Here is the week 3 summary video.


Scott Zacher said...

Hey buddy - you're doing great. Sorry to hear about your mom. I'm sure your prayers while on your bike will help her. I've always said that the worst time to ride is while it's raining. Not that you've had the need to compare, but I'd rather ride while it's snowing than while it's raining. (especially while wearing glasses). So when's your first stop over at one of your family's houses?

Thinking of you!


Thohea said...

Hey, that midnight thunderstorm was the perfect opportunity to film your Blair Witch impersonation!

Adam Herman said...

Hey Dennis, you're getting near the Katy Trail in Missouri. That trail passes right through the campus of my old alma mater, Kemper Military School. Would you mind taking some video of it? It's a pretty cool historical site to feature in that video.

Laurel said...

Hi Dennis-
Lee & I have been following you every day & I am so proud of you. You are doing great & I love that you share your adventures & pics from along the way! Hope your Mom is doing okay. You are always in my thoughts & prayers.

Buck said...

Hi Dennis, Your roommate Dorothy here! Wow, haven't seen swollen water like that for awhile. Me and the kids miss you. You look great. Roll on!

jimstorey said...

Hey Dennis,
Just heard about your trip! Fantastic!I know you will not be coming through Utah, but if you are within a few hundred miles the wife an I could meet up with you. Will kepp up with your adventure. God Bless,
Your cousin, Jim Storey