Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twitter - Month Two

For those not following on Twitter, here is the last month's posts. You will need to read up from bottom for correct order.

Arrived at my sister Doris' in Gillette, WY (yeah!) & will take tomorrow as rest day. I'll be heading for the mountains on Wed. 34 miles. from txt
Week 9 videos are posted on blog bikedenbec.blogspot.com from txt
Much better weather as I rode into Wyoming (woo-hoo!). Camping in Moocroft, WY 65 miles from txt
Cold wind gusting to 35mph - had to peddle down hill & nearly blown off road. Very scenic tho. Staying with HS friend in Speafish, SD 45mi from txt
A beautiful leisurly 36 miles on the Mickleson Trail. Camping in Rochford, SD cell phone dead zone - not sure if this will go out. from txt
Camping in cell phone dead zone, Rochfort, SD - oddly have a wi-fi connection. Regular update should get sent when I get in a coverage area from web
A hot difficult but very scenic 39 mi in the Black Hills of SD. Keystone, Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse monument. Camping near Crazy Horse from txt
Nice warm day with somewhat favorable winds. Rode I-90 into Rapid City & staying at warmshowers.org host in very nice home & good food! 60m from txt
Hwy 44 to Rapid City was under const. So I took a leisurly scenic tour of Badlands then camping in Wall, SD. 32mi. Passed 3000 mi on bike! from txt
Set short goal - strong headwinds made 50 mi an all day event but not too bad. Camping in beautiful Badlands Natl. Park. Worth the effort! from txt
Brother inlaw Dan took me to Vivian SD for planned late start @ 2pm. 44 miles in great weather - camping in 1880 Town, SD Mountain time zone from txt
40 mi of 15mph tailwind zoom! Then 14mi of 20mph headwind grrr. Brother inlaw picked me up in Vivian, SD to Pierre with Mom until Sunday. from txt
Perfect riding till afternoon then dodged a few storms. Arrived in Winner, South Dakota & prolly stay at Motel to avoid weather. from txt
Nice warm sunny day! Cowboy trail was a bit soft from rain last night & slight head wind - chose pavement Camping in Stuart, NE 74 miles from txt
Gloomy day to start then some sun & good tail wind. Left pavement in Norfolk in favor of Cowboy Rail Trail. Camping Neligh, NE 85 miles from txt
I'm rolling again! Left early from sister's home near Lincoln. Good weather & roads got me 80 miles before 4pm. Camping in Columbus, NE $3 from txt
Week 5 Video is posted on my Blog bikedenbec.blogspot.com. Trip should resume on Thurs. 6/11 unless we stay in SD for Mom's Birthday on 6/12 from txt
Arrived at my sister Karen's near Lincoln, NE (62m)& will go to reunion with her this weekend. Daily updates will resume on Sun or Mon. from web
Good tailwind pushed me into Nebraska & 74 miles before 5pm . Took a dip in the Tecumseh City pool & hopfully I'll find a place to camp here from web
Road finally flattened out this afternoon replaced by fairly strong prairie headwind. Legs said stop in White Cloud Kansas camping free 56 m from txt
Much better weather - constant ups & downs - not bad. Camp full but offer free spot not far & can shower. Weston MO. 83m Kansas over river from txt
Gloomy chilly day with hills & headwind. Next campground is too far so early stop @ Henrietta, MO 44 miles. Hopefully sun tomorrow. from txt
Back on normal roads. Daily flat, headwind & hills left me just short of goal. Good folks @ Blackburn MO let me camp in park free. 77 Mi from txt
Week 4 video & pics posted on blog bikedenbec.blogspot.com from txt

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