Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yesterday was a most unusual day. First, I finally made a decision on the bike and pannier bags I will be using on this trip and placed orders for both - they should arrive early next week. This was a cause of great excitement for me as I have been searching for the right equipment for months now and finally making a decision is a huge load off my mind.

However, my excitement was somewhat dampened throughout the day when at least 5 people on different occasions suggested that I seriously reconsider taking this trip in light of the current economic crisis the country is facing and the huge unemployment rate. Who knew the most adventurist part of this trip might be my career! So it was a mixed bag of emotions but the little voice inside still says "go!" so I eagerly await my equipment arrival and will likely take a short video when it arrives so I can test posting videos to this site.

73 days until departure! :)

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